7 Underrated Channels to Follow on YouTube

The Game changers in the fields of AI, ML & Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science is an ocean of topics bundled up together which include the likes of Statistics, Maths, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud, Programming knowledge, Domain knowledge, and a never-ending list. It is comprehensive, and the research in these fields are emerging every day. The popularity has reached its peak since its declaration “the sexiest job of the twenty-first century” by the Harvard Business Review.

Many a time we are often confused and we ask this question to ourselves where do I start? What are the best resources to master this field? We come across many hurdles and with my personal experience just one resource ain’t good enough to even understand a topic as simple as Linear regression.

In this article, I have bundled some of the best creators who are underrated on YouTube but are prominent leaders in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. YouTube is a great platform to acquire any kind of knowledge. The only investment is your time. No Monthly Subscriptions, just pure added value to your life in a few minutes.