When most people think of AI, they often reimagine scenes from their favorite science fiction movies and novels. To most, AI is synonymous with futuristic. It’s no surprise that most people associate its applications with the development of drones, self-driving cars, and automated industrial processes. 

While automation is one of the key aspects of Artificial Intelligence, with the right vision and intention, AI can serve many purposes and can be used to solve many real-life problems in numerous domains. Artificial intelligence has helped decrease the need for manual oversight in production lines or automate human resource management. However, many of its benefits remain untapped, leaving much room for growth and innovation. Artificial Intelligence can be used in all fields that rely on accuracy and would want to eliminate the possibility of human error. Right from cybersecurity to diagnosis in healthcare and surgeries, AI has proven to be a game-changer as it adds accuracy, speed and improves the overall efficiency of any process.

ProXGen has been able to tap into one such segment and is the perfect example of this phenomenon. ProXGen has created ProXVision which are wearable glasses that help the visually impaired navigate their surroundings. These glasses work on the micro gimbal cameras and sensors. They not only provide directions and guidance but it has the ability to present information in a friendly conversational manner, making the users feel like they are with a trusted companion rather an automated system. 

The founder of ProXGen reached out to Skillbasics and AtliQ Technologies for support and we were more than thrilled to learn the aim of the project. We were happy to help the ProXGen team by stirring them in the right direction, giving them guidance when needed. This has helped them build an effective as well as an accurate system, characteristics which were critical in a project such as ProXVision which needed meticulous coding and planning. It also helped them navigate their way through commonly followed industrial practices and how to best utilize their time and efforts.  

Not only this, any budding organization needs a strong network and support from teammates and volunteers alike. Both Skillbasics and AtliQ enjoy a vast network of connections and have built and sustained many professional relationships over time. Using these platforms, we were able to help the ProXGen team find the right volunteers who shared their vision and their passion for their noble pursuit. 

Lastly, our team at Codedbasics and AtliQ were able to help the ProXGen team procure the required hardware and tools that were crucial to the development process. This has helped them with quality assurance and created a durable product. The acquisition of this hardware has also helped bring down the development cost and time, which is greatly beneficial for any organization. 

Skillbasics has always taken immense pride in our altruistic idealogy and has always punched upon any opportunity that helps us shape the world and make it a better place for everyone. This project has given us the opportunity to use both our skillset and network to help a budding organization realize its goals make help the visually impaired function more independently.  A blind person can find a companion and a guide through ProXVision, which is easily one of the biggest feathers in our cap! This endeavor is a testament to our core beliefs that every person can learn skills and make a big change in the world with the right idea and approach. It personifies all that we stand for: Skillbasics- From Will to Skill!