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Awareness Test

What is the Scam Awareness Test?

The Scam Awareness Test is a multiple-choice question test designed to ensure that learners have understood the Scam Awareness course material.

How does the scoring work in the test?

Each correct answer earns 10 points, and each wrong answer deducts 10 points. The passing score is 200, and the maximum score is 400.

Why there is a negative marking in the test?

Negative marking is to encourage careful consideration of each question, reflecting the seriousness of scam awareness.

Can I take the test more than once?

Yes, you can retake the test. We encourage learners to review the course material and attempt the test again for a better score.

Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

Yes, upon passing the Scam Awareness Test, you'll receive a certificate that is shareable on LinkedIn and a revolution link to help spread the word.

Revolution Link

What is a revolution link?

A revolution link is a special URL that you can share with others. When someone clicks on this link and enrolls in the Scam Awareness Course, you get revolution points for making them aware.

How does the revolution link work?

A revolution link works by tracking your revolution partner. When you share your unique link and someone clicks on it to join the Scam Awareness Course, our system records that your revolution partner has enrolled in the course. It's a way to track who has helped spread the word about the course. The more effort you put into circulating the revolution link, the higher the chance to qualify for winning the 1 Lakh INR Scholarship.

Who is a revolution partner?

A revolution partner is someone who enrolls in the Scam Awareness Course and spreads the word about the Scam Awareness Course further with others.

Are there any rewards for making revolution partners?

Yes, you also stand a chance to win a scholarship to support your education and a bunch of other exciting goodies.

Revolution Score

How can I become the Revolutionary Leader?

Start accumulating revolution points by spreading the word about the course on social media! The more points you earn, the closer you get to becoming the top Revolutionary Leader. Here’s a breakdown of how you can earn the points:

  • You earn 100 points for every revolution partner enrollment in the Scam Awareness Course.
  • You earn 200 points for every Scam Awareness Course completion by a Revolution Partner.

How is the Revolutionary Leaderboard score calculated?

The leaderboard is calculated using a simple formula: Scam Awareness Test Percentage Scored * Revolution Points.
Example: Scam Awareness Test Percentage Scored (90%) * Revolution Points (300) = 270.


Who is eligible to enter and win the scholarship?

All participants aged 16 and above who pass the Scam Awareness Test are eligible to win the scholarship.

Who will win the scholarship?

The top three participants on the Revolutionaries Leaderboard will win the scholarship.

  • Top Revolutionary Leader: 1 Lakh INR
  • Second Revolutionary Leader: 25K INR
  • Third Revolutionary Leader: 10K INR
  • Note: 1. Codebasics team members in leaderboard are not considered for scholarship.

How will I receive the scholarship if I earn it?

You will be receiving the prize in the form of a Cheque. We want you to use it for your educational purposes.

Who will win the surprise goodies?

The top 20 learners on the revolutionaries leaderboard will stand a chance to win surprise goodies.

Are there any other conditions for receiving the scholarship and goodies?

  • Yes, update your profile information with your full legal name exactly as it appears on your valid government ID. You will not be able to qualify if we are not able to verify your identity.
  • Do not indulge in any malpractice to win this competition.
  • Codebasics reserves the right to use its discretion to disqualify any participants if found guilty of indulging in any malpractice or misconduct.
  • For example, taking this test by creating multiple accounts just for the sake of winning is considered malpractice.
  • The last date for participation is 16th March. Winners will be announced as per leader board score as on 31st March

How will I be contacted to receive the scholarship and goodies?

  • Provide a valid and up-to-date mobile number for communication purposes by updating the same in the profile section. This will be crucial for any notifications or updates regarding your scholarship
  • Providing your LinkedIn profile would be helpful too.