5 Ways SQL is Used In The Data Industry

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Mar 21, 2024 | By Ananya Chakraborty

5 Ways SQL is Used In The Data Industry

Data is everywhere, and it's shaping the way we make crucial decisions. But how do we make sense of all this information? While entering the data industry, we are often encouraged to learn software languages like SQL and Python and learn to code efficiently.

Initially, learning the concepts, commands, and functions is easier to grasp, but it becomes trickier as soon we start implementing the concepts in a real-world scenario. When I began my journey, I found learning all the necessary programming languages fairly easy, and I aced the quizzes, too.

However, I couldn't proceed when I started applying the concepts in any assignment/project. It was as though the problem was written in the Hebrew language. I felt like I hit a bump in the road.

Why does this gap exist, and how to bridge it? The answer lies in understanding not just the "how" but also the "why" and "where" of these languages. In the case of SQL (Structured Query Language), it's not just about writing queries; it's about knowing how those queries can drive insights, inform decisions, and solve real-world problems.

In this guide, we'll explore what SQL is and how it's used in various industries. Let's dive into the world of SQL and discover how to turn knowledge into action!

What is SQL?

SQL is a database language that has been designed to manage data in relational databases. It's like the Swiss Army knife of data handling, allowing you to create, read, update, and delete records quickly.