Excel: Mother of Business Intelligence

Beginners to Advanced Excel course for those who are preparing for a data career (especially Data Analysts). This course is carefully curated by industry experts to mimic real-world scenarios to prepare you to become a market fit. You will also get practical exercises to practice and get a simulated experience of a data analyst using Excel to solve problems.


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Course Curriculum

70 Lectures   |   9hr : 00min

What you'll learn

  • 1. Excel Basics (Formulas, Tables, Charts)
  • 3. Business Math & Statistics concepts required for analysis
  • 4. Pivot table (Creation and Optimization)
  • 5. Power Query (Cleaning, Merging, and Transforming data)
  • 6. Basics of VBA (Idea of how much of it is needed in a data analyst role)
  • 7. Sales and Finance Functional Knowledge
  • 8. Designing a report in Excel
  • 9. Soft skills (being a problem solver, being in a growth zone)
  • 10. Working Real dataset with >1 million records with industry-style project-based learning
  • 11. Practicing via Exercises, Quizzes, and Certificate Upon Course Completion

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows / MAC
  • Memory: 4 GB or more (Recommended)
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster (Recommended)
  • Display: 1440*900 or larger display resolution (Recommended)
  • Web: Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox
  • Note: Excel on MacBook has some limitations on features like Power Pivot, DAX, and Power Query. Due to this limitation, you might not be able to replicate all operations that are taught in the course.

Course Instructors/Creators

Dhaval Patel

Dhaval Patel

Data Entrepreneur (12+ Years), YouTuber,
Ex - Bloomberg, NVIDIA

I have 17 years of experience in Programming and Data Science working for big tech companies like NVIDIA and Bloomberg. I also run a famous YouTube channel called Codebasics where I pursue my passion for teaching.

Hemanand Vadivel

Hemanand Vadivel

Ex- Data Analytics Manager, 8+ Years in Europe, Microsoft Certified, Certified Supply Chain Professional

I’m a Mechanical Engineer who transitioned to a full-time Data & Analytics Manager in the UK & Germany. I have delivered 30+ analytics projects over 15+ countries and trained professionals at different levels to equip them with valuable analytics skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have zero knowledge of Excel and belong to a non-technical background. Can I take this Excel course?

Yes, this is the perfect course for anyone who has never worked on excel and wants to build a career in the IT/Data Analytics industry or just wants to perform better in their current job or business using data.

This Excel course is for absolute beginners hence you do not need any specific skills other than basic familiarity with computers.

Most of the Excel courses available online teach you how to build x & y without any business context and do not prepare you for real business world problem-solving. This course is rather an experience in which you will learn Excel by solving real-life use cases in an imaginary company called AtliQ Hardware. The tutorials are very easy to understand and also have a lot of fun elements in them so that you don’t get bored! 😊

Yes. Absolutely you can mention the AtliQ Hardware project experience in your resume with the relevant skills that you will learn from this course

Don’t worry. Many videos in this Excel course are free so watch them to get an idea of the quality of teaching. Dhaval Patel (the course instructor) runs a popular data science YouTube channel called Codebasics. On that, you can watch his videos and read comments to get an idea of his teaching style

For initial basics, we have used a toy dataset of movies but for advanced concepts, we used a dataset that is crafted to mimic the real business world by consolidating our years of experience and the FMCG industry. That dataset contains more than 1 million records.

We have an active discord server where you can post your question and most of the time you will get an answer in a reasonable time frame.

Our beginners to advanced Excel course comprises 9 hours of on-demand video content. This allows you to learn Excel at your own pace.

The beginners to advanced Excel course fee is Rs. 900. This covers a comprehensive range of topics from the basics to the most advanced Excel concepts.

Get Certified

When You Complete This Course

You receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me, your guide and mentor – Dhaval Patel

Add and Share this certificate with your Resume/ CV or on your LinkedIn Profile

Excel: Mother of Business Intelligence
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