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How to Get Support if I Have a Question?

How to Get Support if I Have a Question?

We have created every lecture with a motive to explain everything in a easy to understand manner. 

However, in chapters 6-8 we are providing you with real-time job concepts which could be more challenging than the rest of the chapters.

While working on these chapters you could make mistakes in steps or have some doubts. You need to commit yourself to hold patience, make efforts & diagnose the errors yourself by googling in order to become truly job-ready.

For any questions, that google cannot answer or if you hit a wall - we got you covered!

You can join our active discord community (https://discord.com/invite/aWpq9S5qge) -> "codebasics - power  - bi - data - analytics - course" channel which is a dedicated platform to discuss & clear your doubts with fellow learners & mentors.

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