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Numbers - Exercise

Numbers - Exercise
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  1. Remember the format() function we used in the last video?? Now pass 145 and ‘o’ in the function and see what it returns. Try to find out which representation it is.
  2. There is a circular pond in a village. This pond has a radius of 84 meters. Can you find the area of the pond? (Bonus: If there is exactly 1.4 liter of water in a square meter, what is the total amount of water in the pond?)

Circle Area = πr2

  1. If you cross a 490-meter-long street in 7 minutes, then what is your speed in meters per second? Print your answer without any decimal point in it.

Speed = Distance / Time

Solution: Click on the Download Files button (top right) to download the solution. To open this file in jupyter notebook,
(1) Open a command prompt
(2) In the command prompt, go to a directory where the file is downloaded
(3) Run python -m notebook to launch a jupyter notebook. In the jupyter notebook, you will be able to see the solution file

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