Python For Beginner and Intermediate Learners

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“Python for beginners using real-life project”. A project-based learning approach is used to teach Python to absolute beginners and people who already know Python as you will build a backend project using FastAPI and also learn some advanced concepts such as Regex, OCR, and a few Computer Vision fundamentals.






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Created by : Dhaval Patel


Last updated : Jul 20, 2022 7:16 AM

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Course Curriculum

62 Lectures | 8:59:42

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What you'll learn

  • Python
  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Regular Expressions
  • FastAPI for python web servers
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • How to implement end to end project

It’s really for everyone

Who can enroll in this course?

  • This course is most suitable for anyone who fits in one of the below criteria;
  • You don’t know anything about programming and want to take the first step in your coding learning journey
  • You know other programming languages and want to learn python
  • You know python already and want to build an end to end real life project in the healthcare domain using OCR, FastAPI, Regular Expressions



When You Complete This Course

You receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me, your guide and mentor – Dhaval Patel Add and Share this certificate with your Resume/ CV or on your LinkedIn Profile

Meet your

Course Instructor

Dhaval Patel

Data Entrepreneur | Youtuber | Ex - Bloomberg, NVIDIA

I have 17 years of experience in programming and data science working for big tech companies like NVIDIA and Bloomberg. I also run a famous youtube channel called Codebasics where I pursue my passion for teaching. Codebasics is one of the top channels on youtube when it comes to data science, machine learning, data structures, etc. I firmly believe that “Anyone can code” and I use analogies, simple explanations, and step-by-step storytelling to explain difficult concepts in such a way that even a high school student can understand them easily.

US$ 15.00

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What's Included

8:59:42 on-demand video
45 Lectures
17 Exercises
14 Quizzes
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