Codebasics Resume Project Challenge

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Current Challenge :

Provide Insights to Revenue Team in Hospitality Domain

Deadline :

Oct 2, 2022 6:29 PM

Location :

Online Event

  • 01. You can use any tool(s) to create and show the output. (Power BI, Excel, Tableau etc.)
  • 02. Feel free to search online or talk to subject matter experts to prepare this.
  • 03. Your submission will be evaluated based on the following criteria
    • A. Relevance of the solution to the problem statement
    • B. Dashboarding (Usage of these 15 design principles)
    • C. Any other relevant Insights provided apart from what’s being provided in Mock Up
    • C. Your summary of 3 things you have learned on both domain/function and data analytics while working on this project.
  • 04. There are two ways to submit your final output
    • A. Post it on LinkedIn with a clear screen recording or a public web URL to your dashboard, along with the 3 things you have learned. ( Example Post )
      Don't forget to use the hashtag #codebasicsresumeprojectchallenge
    • B. You can directly submit your output on our website. Please zip your deliverables (link/screen recording/dashboard, 3-point summary of learning) by clicking submit solution button below the challenge.

Domain:  Hospitality       Function: Revenue

Atliq Grands owns multiple five-star hotels across India. They have been in the hospitality industry for the past 20 years. Due to strategic moves from other competitors and ineffective decision-making in management, Atliq Grands are losing its market share and revenue in the luxury/business hotels category. As a strategic move, the managing director of Atliq Grands wanted to incorporate “Business and Data Intelligence” in order to regain their market share and revenue. However, they do not have an in-house data analytics team to provide them with these insights.

Their revenue management team had decided to hire a 3rd party service provider to provide them insights from their historical data.


You are a data analyst who has been provided with sample data and a mock-up dashboard to work on the following task. You can download all relevant documents from the download section.

  1. Create the metrics according to the metric list.
  2. Create a dashboard according to the mock-up provided by stakeholders.
  3. Create relevant insights that are not provided in the metric list/mock-up dashboard.