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This course will kick-start your AI journey
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16+ Hours Learning

Explore AI with over 16 hours of expert instruction and challenges that solidify your new AI skills.

5+ Industry Case Studies

Learn AI know-how as if you are part of that industry project.

Demystify AI

We make AI concepts clear and easy to understand with simple analogies.

Designed for Everyone

This course is crafted for anyone interested in AI, regardless of their background or prior experience.

Leverage LinkedIn for AI Career

Learn to build your LinkedIn presence to fast track your AI Career.

A Launchpad for Non-Coders

Dive into AI without needing to code, making it easier for anyone to start their AI journey.

Tools and Technologies Discussed

Meet the ones

Teaching you

Dhaval Patel

Data Entrepreneur (12+ Years),
Ex - Bloomberg, NVIDIA

I have 17 years of experience in Programming and Data Science working for big tech companies like NVIDIA and Bloomberg. I also run a famous YouTube channel called Codebasics where I pursue my passion for teaching.

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Hemanand Vadivel

Ex- Data Analytics Manager, 8+ Years in Europe, Microsoft Certified, Certified Supply Chain Professional

I’m a Mechanical Engineer who transitioned to a full-time Data & Analytics Manager in the UK & Germany. I have delivered 30+ analytics projects over 15+ countries and trained professionals at different levels to equip them with valuable analytics skills.

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