Free Guidance for Participating in Data Challenges

[Playback] Free Guidance for Participating in Data Challenges

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Fri, 25 Aug 2023

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Hosted by

Ahmed Athar Mohiuddin
Ahmed Athar Mohiuddin

Data Analyst

Naveen S
Naveen S

Data Analyst & Product Owner

Satya Sravani Lakshmi Durga Pilli
Satya Sravani Lakshmi Durga Pilli

Data Analyst

Playback Description

Why should you join?

Having doubts about how to participate in data challenges is common, but letting those doubts stop you from participating is not. Join us to understand how you can approach data challenges (RPC) effectively and do your best!

This session is best for you, if:

You are participating in the challenges for the first time.

You are having confusions about how to participate

You are not sure whether you should participate or not.

This session is not for you, if:

You have already been a winner in one of the past challenges.

You believe you know how to participate.

What is covered in this webinar?

The mindset of how you can approach this challenge

How to get inspiration for your designs

How your submissions will be evaluated by us

Tips to stand out from the crowd.