How to Build Online Credibility for Amazing Career in Data Field

[Playback] How to Build Online Credibility for Amazing Career in Data Field

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Sat, 18 Mar 2023

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US$ 10

Hosted by

Dhaval Patel
Dhaval Patel

Data Entrepreneur (12+ Years), YouTuber, Ex - Bloomberg, NVIDIA

Hemanand Vadivel
Hemanand Vadivel

Ex- Data Analytics Manager, 8+ Years in Europe, Microsoft Certified, Certified Supply Chain Professional


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Playback Description

Why should you attend?

Static Resumes are dying, and people are not only getting hired through their online credibility but also opening themselves up for new opportunities. This workshop will provide you step by step actions to build your online credibility.

You can attend if you are one of the following personas:

I am fresher and want to increase my chances of getting hired in the data industry.

I already have a job, but I want to grow fast in my data career.

I want to lay a foundation to become a data entrepreneur/freelancer.

This workshop is great for you if:

You want to build your online network and need step-by-step guidance.

You want to create highly engaging content consistently and need step-by-step guidance.

This workshop is not for you if:

You already have a strong LinkedIn profile

You are able to create highly engaging content consistently

You are able to connect with people and grow your network

Benefits Summary

Short Term

  • Landing a data job
  • Better Career Opportunities
  • Freelancing


Long Term

  • Building a personal brand
  • Sell digital product

What is covered in the workshop?

3-step framework to build your online credibility with proven results.

Interactive quiz during the session.

6 Advanced tips for super growth

Action Book with a 3-week action plan post session

Participation Certificate

Bonus: 45 minutes of open Q & A with refreshments (for offline workshop)

Bonus: Access to private Discord group for profile review / Questions Post Session

Bonus: 10 post-writing templates for high engagement

Bonus: Curated List of People to Follow / Connect for Data Professionals

How will you feel at the end of the workshop?

Realized - You realized the importance of building online credibility

Learned - You know the 'how to' of building a network and posting content online.

Actionable - You know what steps to follow and when by following the action book.

General Guidelines

The session will start on time and end on time

Reach the venue 30 minutes prior(offline)

Join the session 15 minutes prior(online)

Please check the refund policy here for no-shows and cancellations.

Workshop Preparation

Create your LinkedIn profile before the workshop.

Create Your Zoom Account (For Online).

Bringing Your Laptop is Optional(For Offline).

You can take Notes or Screenshots during the session.

Workshop Files and Instructions

The files will be available for download post-session.

A certificate will be available for download post-session.

Recording of the session will be available for 30 days post-session.