Make Your Dashboard Look Unique

[Playback] Make Your Dashboard Look Unique

Hosted by : Ashish Babaria & Harish

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Sun, 05 Nov 2023

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Hosted by

Ashish Babaria
Ashish Babaria

Microsoft Community Representative


Talent Manager @ Codebasics

Playback Description

Why should you join?

Understanding dashboard design can be tricky. However, with the right guidance, turning a simple dashboard into something stunning is achievable. Join our webinar to effortlessly enhance your design skills!

Check Ashish Babaria's dashboards  here.

This session is best for you, if:

You are looking to improve your dashboard aesthetics.

You want actionable tips on design elements.

You're unsure about the best practices in dashboard creation.

This session is not for you, if:

You're already well-versed with advanced dashboard design principles.

You feel confident in your current dashboard designs without any guidance.

What is covered in this webinar?

Selecting the best canvas size while prioritizing aesthetics.

Unlocking color palettes to enhance readability and appeal.

Selecting the right visuals for data and analysis representation.

Exploring possibilities with Conditional Formatting using measures.

A detailed walk-through of using Bookmarks and Field Parameters.

Tips on design alignments, padding, and text size formatting for an optimal user experience.